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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  December 15, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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an officer in the hospital, a suspect dead, new information about the man killed by police. also breaking this morning, terror in australia, as gunman holds people hostage in a cafe. several hostages have escaped during this crisis. we'll let you know what demand the gunman is make to go police. the eagles on the outside of the playoffs looking in after throwing away a game to the rival cowboys. talking about the heart breaking lost, find out how governor chris christie of new jersey angered a loft eagles fans, and giants fans, during the game. as you can see there, good morning, everyone, it is monday, december 15th, aim ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. to the breaking news in philadelphia's mayfair section, police involved shoot
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something under investigation this morning. >> armed suspect shot and killed after getting pulled over for a traffic violation. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is on the scene in frankford, frandford avenue, with more details. jan? >> reporter: ukee, erika, frandford avenue has reopened, near unruh avenue, this morning, but you can see, a large police investigation still here, investigators are awaiting a tow truck, to take away that vehicle, that is the center of this whole thing, that white car, right there, across the street, that's where all of the activity surrounded this morning. now, what we know is that this all started as a traffic stop. weigh we don't know is why this escalated a shooting, now, police tell us, the victim is 26 year old man from northeast philadelphia, with a criminal record, that the two officers involved have been on the force less than a year, both rookie cops. now here on scene, see the police have been taking a look at that car, that white car, all morning long. again, that's the suspect's car. that's where he got pulled over, just before 3:00 this morning. now, this is the intersection of frankford avenue and unruh
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avenue in mayfair. police have been pros egging the scene all morning, investigators, again, still trying to piece together what happened here, in the moments leading up to the shooting. that is still unclear. but, for some reason, police say, one of the uniform officers had to shoot the suspect shot once in the head and pronounced dead shortly after 3:00 a.m. his body has been taken to the medical examiners office for an autopsy. the investigate here fired the shot, only one of the officers opened fire, that officer is now with internal affairs, the other officer had to be taken to nearby hospital, for evaluation, we're toll, he was not physically injured, but he was very shaken up, and again, as far as the circumstances surrounding the shooting, again, that's still under investigation. a gun actually found in the suspect as car, is a butt totally visible, butt of a gun, actually in the console, between the passenger seat, actually, kind of like stuck down the middle, between the console and the passenger
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seat. >> and again police have recovered that weapon. as far as the investigation here on scene, investigators are still awaiting a tow truck, to take that car away. again, one police office here opened fire is with internal investigations, and internal affairs right now, the other officer still in the hospital shaken up this morning, and that suspect, the 26 year old man, shot in the head and pronounced dead here on scene. police are going to be taking a look for surveillance video in the area. they are also going to be interviewing a number of witnesses on scene, still developing story. we'll stay with it, bring you the latest as soon as we have t for now live in mayfair, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i jan, we will get back to you shortly. >> following breaking news in montgomery county. swat team on the scene of a shooting in lansdowne. we're toll one person has been shot in a home, 100 block of fifth street. crew is head today that scene. we'll bring you energy more information as soon that is comes into us. chopper three flying over some breaking news in new castle county delaware.
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firefighters about the g out hot spots at house fire in newark. we're told one person has been rushed to the hospital. we're also working to find out how that person is doing, and what sparked that fire. >> right now, just past 7:03, we want our traffic and weather together. good morning, kate. >> i good morning, erika. hey shall everybody, off to quiet start for the week ahead. generally speaking, for the next five days, there is only one day that may warrant some wet weather gear. that will be tomorrow. but, we start things off, still, with a little built of cloud cover out there. i do think that you will finally start to see some of that sunshine, and there is one little sliver of it, visible here on "skycam 3" off in the distance, obviously still some clouds to track. man they've been pesky for the last few days. but, that said, we are seeing high pressure sort of just lock itself in place, take control here. we go next to storm scan3, which again is still showing some of the clouds cover, as we continue through the rest of the day it, looks as though the cloud cover will have a chance to disperse somewhat. 40 degrees your current temperature in atlantic city, 43 in philly.
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as the day progresses again expect to go see some sun as the day goes on. we expect the ties to top off generally mid to upper 40's, from philly down toward the shore point, probably more like 40 degrees, as you go up to the pocono region. but the headlines, as far as the week ahead, finally as we promise getting in on at least some sunshine here today. but by tomorrow, again, the rain showers are set to arrive, although they are coming courtesy of warmfront, so milder mid week coming our way, too, and temperatures that will eventually be a little bit above average. more details on that and track those showers for awe bit later in the show. jess, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, guys. 7:05, we go outside, we'll show you the schuylkill expressway, starting to see some slow going around the boulevard here, so eastbound toward the city, going to see small delays. westbound lanes seem to be moving along great so far. now we have incident out on route one, an accident, push over, into the right right-hande here, southbound headed toward the pa turnpike. you can see, taking out the right hand lane, part of the right hand shoulder, everyone crawling by, two lanes, now, over in bala cynwyd, accident,
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pushed over into the right-hand side there. belmont avenue, at saint asaph road. be prepared to squeeze on by to the left-hand side for that. an accident in montgomery county easton road fitzwatertown road with police activity on the scene. 202 northbound, still pretty clear from route 30 into the schuylkill expressway. thirteen minutes and 19 minutes on the blue route if you are headed southbound from the schuylkill into 95. erika? >> thanks, jess, a more breaking news to talk about here, gunman continues to hold hostages at cafe in cydney australia. as you can see, hostages were able to run outside, they made it out alive. marry maloney bridges us up to date on the gunman's demands. >> our busy monday morning, gunman entered cafe, took customers and workers hostage. people inside holding up their hands, and pressing them against the glass. then they held something else, a flag with islamic creed. the arabic script translates to there is no god but god and muhammad is the trot of god.
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site quickly gave rise to fears of terrorism. gunman reportedly demanded two things: an isis flag, and phonecall with australian prime minister tony abbott. >> the whole point of politically motivated violence is to scare people out of being themselves. >> heavily armed police stormed the area, closing off street, and iconic sydney structure evacuated. the street around it empty, and the skies above, closed. usaustralia authority say has previously foiled attacks motivated by extremism. earlier this year, the principal prime minister said the country stopped isis inspired plan to carry out a pun execution. but seeing frightened people in a popular shop shook people on the street. >> we will get through this. importantly now, our thoughts and prayers are with those who were caught up in the situation. >> after tense hours every waiting frantic hostages were able to escape. one by one, they ran out of
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two different doors. terrified, but alive. mary maloney, "eyewitness news" on the "cw". >> your time is now just after 7:00. it is 7:08. the eagles just couldn't pull off a repeat that far thanksgiving thrashing they gave the cowboys their heart breaking lost gives tal as first place atop the nfc east. all week the big fellow unstoppable, right corner of the ends zone. dez bryant, caught career three touchdown passing by tony romo. by half, 21 to ten. second half things start today look up for the birds, starting to get rhythm back. darren sproles scored from the 1 yard line giving the team the first lead of the game. twenty-four-21. but romo and the boys stormed back and didn't look back. beating willing eagles 38 to 27. >> obviously you can't put yourself 21-nothing against good football team and expect to come back and win the game. put ourselves in too big a hole to start with then got
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back up. give us credit forgetting back into it. that last drive, you know, we had them pinned down, long and interferance call, you know, had our opportunity to win the game. and still down a score, come back the other way, have big turn over. that really hurt us. >> yes, the turnovers killed them. hey, did you see this? new jersey governor chris christie ruffled a loft feathers last night by cheering on the cowboys. there he is sitting with cowboys owner jerry jones. the governor has long shown his support for the cowboys over the years. it is something that doesn't sit too well with people in the garden state who split their loyalties between the birds and the giants. gentlemen feel chris christie should leave football out of politics. i feel he's got new jersey and he has new york giants, and he also has philadelphia eagles fans in his constituent. i feel he shouldn't be in the box with jerry jones. >> i hear philadelphia city councilman jim kinny unleashed twitter tirade when he saw governor christie on television using some words we can't even say on tv.
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>> 7:08. president obama is coming to the garden state today. the president will visit troops at joint base mcguire-dix lakehurst this afternoon. he'll deliver remarks expressing his gratitude to our service members and their families. we'll cover the president's visit later today on "eyewitness news". >> trump entertainment resorts is giving the casino union until 5:00 this afternoon to drop its appeal of court order cost reduction package that canceled certain employee benefits. ceo bob griffin says he thought the company and union agreed deal last week. but he says the union has not signed it. the taj mahal casino could close this saturday as management can't strike a deal. >> and new jersey law make letters meet today to discuss a five bill package to struggling atlantic city. four casinos closed this year, proposed bills would offer assistance to city government. schools, the casino industry, and it workers. also on the table of discussion, reducing
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membership of the rutgers board every trustees, and allowing more use of dna as crime evidence. >> well, a child is rescued in bucks county after getting his foot stuck in an escalator. happened yesterday afternoon at the oxford valley mall. a passing shopper post add picture on twitter showing emergency crews on the scene. now it, took them, we understand, about 20 minutes to get the boy freed. he was taken to an area hospital to get checked out but was not seriously injured. i'm sure so frightened. >> oh, no kidding. still ahead this morning, the search is on for some tire slashing vandals. we'll let you know where dozens of cars were damaged. >> also, bill cosby breaks his silence, as he face as flurry abuse accusations, find out what the comedian says he expect as the criticism gross grows. >> also, james bond falls victim to hackers, the secret material from double 07's move that i could soon ends up on the internet. >> ♪
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>> at the moment the birds are lockout of the playoff after tough loss to the cowboys. we'll take a look at the birds playoff hopes with only two weeks left in the regular season. we can do this, family. we'll be back. we'll be back. >> ♪
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we give you relief from your cold symptoms. we'll be back. >> ♪ you give them the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol® >> looking at the scene after shooting in lansdale. one person has been shot in the home of 100 block of fifth street. the swat team is on location. we also have a crew headed to the scene. we'll bring you more information as soon that is comes into us. erika? >> embroiled in a sexual assault scandal. bill cosby breaks his silence
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in a brief interview. the entertainer told a reporter for the new york post, he expects black media to maintain a neutral minds. cosby did not talk directly about allegations he had drugged and raped more than two dozen women. when asked how his wife camille is holing up, cosby cited her lover and quote strength of woman hood. >> clock czars let's get traffic and weather together. >> good morning, we start things off on live neighborhood network where we are still finding the clouds out there. but, there is at least a glimmer of hope here down the road. it is looking as though, these clouds will have a better chance to disperse, and we end with some sunshine. temperatures because of the blanket of cloud cover haven't dropped off that much. 38 degrees outside kutztown area middle school, held steady low four's even in philadelphia so far this morning, which is actually pretty close to our normal daytime highs. so not too bad. we should ends up level off, skies begin to clear, here on storm scan3, though, the cloud cover, very evident obviously, and off to the west here, new system also very evident, this
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is actually the same storm that brought soaking rain, mud slide, and all of the issues out to california, now, it is obviously since emerged from the rockies. and it will eventually produce our next rounds every wet weather. here's what's going on. comes in strictly as warmfront for us tomorrow. so temperatures through the course of the day have a chance to climb, generally, we flirt with 50 degrees most spots. it looks like it is primarily the second half of the day rain showers move n notice even as the sun goes down into the overnight hours, still just rain. the air mass thankfully little too warm for anything but plane old rain this time, even up in the mountains, then it is out of here by wednesday. so, no harm, no foul. just little bit of wet weather might trip you up. but also does mean that as we kick off hanukkah here, it will be generally just kind of dreary and damp outside with showers around. 4:37 is off lush when the sun will set tomorrow evening. meanwhile, looking forward to the forecast, for the next three days, in the eyewitness weather three day outlook, spec to see some sun eventually here today. by tomorrow, the clouds will be thickening, end up with some rain showers, by
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wednesday, technically cold front crossing through, but bit of delayed reaction there. we get some sun, we hit 50 degrees, but then by thursday, the temperatures do start to take a hit. so all things considered, you know, few ups, downs, along the way, but no major sign of storms. >> no major cold either please. >> absolutely, not at the moment anyway. >> that's good. >> hey, young lady. >> ten days until christmas. >> monday morning, doing good. don't have to deal with anything monday. i'll show you what i am talking about in just saint we go outside and see route one, where an accident is taking out the right-hand lane. but not really creating too much of a back up approaching the pa turnpike there. we're doing good on this monday morning, good thing. these are the southbound lanes, you can see, vehicle push over into the grass over here, actually losing out the right hand shoulder. activity, on the scene, get it out of the way. not causing too much after delay. ninety-five at cottman,
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something we're used to this time of the morning. southbound lanes moving along hardly at all. but the northbound lanes moving great, though, so far. now the burlington bristol bridge scheduled for opening little late earth at clock 25. in the next couple of minute, you can expect some delays there. your alternate for the time being take the talcony palmyra bridge. erika, ukee, back over to you. >> thank you, jessica sony hacking saga continues. it appears james bond is the latest veg tim of the cyber attack. sony pictures says sabres stole early version of the script for the latest installment of the bonds franchise specter. as wendy gillette records, zone is he promise to go fight back. >> the title of the latest james bond film specter was announced just this month at red carpet event in london. >> we spent two years getting this together. been so much hard work and effort. >> sony officials say early version of the specter screen play is one of the thousands of documents, hackers stole in the latest massive cyber
7:19 am
attack against an american company. >> this is not a problem related to any particular company. this is a global problem. >> this is just the latest problem for sony after hackers invaded computers at its entertainment on november 24th. then leaked sensitive and embarrassing information, including executives disparaging personal emails about sony actors and other, including president obama. >> sony's in big trouble. to me, this is hollywood's edward snowden moment and what's a problem with that is we don't know what's coming next. >> the production company ion productions is worried anyone has a screen play may try to publish t warns the script is protected by copyright laws, and says it, will take all necessary steps to keep it under wraps. >> the james bond franchise is one every sony's most luck tiff. the most recent movie sky fall raked in the most of any bond film ever. $1.1 billion world-wide. sony says, production continues on specter and other
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films despite the leak. the movie is set for release november 6, 2015. in new york, wendy gillette, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". our time is 7:20. are you still shopping for someone special on your christmas list? we're going to let you know which gifts people don't want to unwrap. >> also, talk about being born just at the right time (that baby's birthday is extra special. >> but first, here's look at what's coming under tonight during evening prime time viewing right here on the "cw philly". be right back.
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>> suspect dead following police involved shooting in northeast philly overnight, it happened during a traffic stop along the 6700 block of frankford avenue. one officer was taken to the hospital to be checked out. already more breaking news, terror inside downtown sydney cafe. police are negotiating with at least one gunman who is holding a unknown number of hostages, five people did get away. >> and, battered bird mark sanchez and the gang were just no match for the dallas cowboys, dez caught career best three touchdowns pass frost tony romo. cowboys take over first place in the ffc east with the 38 to 27 win. well, did you catch a spectacular show in the skies over the weekend? if you were sleeping, here's what you missed.
7:24 am
the shower meteor shower streaked through the skies early yesterday morning. the meteor shower happens every year around this time when earth passes by debris from an old comet. in case you missed, those meteors will be around for the next couple of weeks. >> beautiful. >> well, you know, the birth after child, it is a very important memorable moment. but for one couple, it is a little extra special. >> yes, victoria marie jones was born saturday at ten/11:00 a.m. on 12-13-14. little girl wasn't due until new years eve. the birth came as a big surprise to mom and dad who were also both proud navy veterans. >> all of our friends were like new years eve, if you wade until 12:01, new years day, she will be on the news. i'm like okay. baby comes when they want to come. >> oh, that they do. they still made it on the news, baby victoria and mom are said to be doing well. by the way the next sequential date won't happen again for another 20 years or so,
7:25 am
january 1st, (201)334-2034. >> put l numbers together like that. >> that's cheating little bit, i think? >> but i heard the next actual one is 89 years. >> yep. >> maybe we'll see? >> we'll take short break. you'll seanus about 30 seconds. we'll be right back. good morning, family, see you in a bit.
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in is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington, let's check in with katie, check your forecast for this monday. >> it is pretty deeps end one overall. good morning shall everybody, we can expect to see thankfully finally a brightening sky. we are starting off still with some clouds, i know, we feel like we've been living out on the west coast lately with all of the cloud cover that's been sent our way. but, we can expect to finally see these clouds thin out. storm scan3, thankfully, empty and devoid of any kind of precipitation. it doesn't necessarily look like it at first glance, but this is brightening sky, out at middle township high school, cape may courthouse, we look l live with the neighborhood network here. just at last check here you can barely make out any blue shades of the skyline. and we're starting to see that. so it is a matter of time. headed into tomorrow, though, there will be some showers strictly rain showers that move in. jess?
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>> thank, katie. good morning, everybody, coming up on 7:30, an accident out on route one, approaching the pa turnpike, really tacking out the right hands shoulder. you can see police activity on the scene, one of the vehicles actually pushed over into the grass. but fortunately not blocking off any of the southbound lanes here headed toward that pa turnpike, not creating too many problems. on stand by on the burlington bristol bridge, for an opening, excuse me, you want to take talcony palmyra to get around. >> thank you, next update at clock 55, up next on cbs this morning, construction delays debunk, why project are taking longer, causing traffic and costing you money. we're on the "cw philly" on these channels. i'm ukee washington, have a good morning.
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following breaking news this morning, philadelphia police shoot and kill a man after overnight traffic stop in mayfair. that shooting happened early this morning after officer pulled the man over for a traffic violation. >> good morning, everyone, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now from the scene with more details. jan? >> reporter: ukee, erika, you
7:30 am
can see frankford avenue near unruh avenue here in mayfair, has reopened, to traffic. but this police investigation still continues this morning. you can see philadelphia police still securing the scene, and that white car is the center of all of the action. we are awaiting a tow truck to come and take it away. it is still evidence, still we're told weapon inside, all of this unfolding this police involved shooting right around 3:00 in the morning, now, we know it started as a traffic incident, but what we don't know is how it escalated, into an officer involved shooting. now, police have been on scene all morning, all morning long, rather, taking a look at the evidence, and collecting evidence. now, we're coming to live again from the intersection of frankford avenue and unruh avenue in mayfair. developers -- investigators again trying to piece together what happened in the moments leading up to the shooting. that will point is still unclear. for some reason police say one of the uniform officers involved had to shoot. the suspect shot once in the head and pronounced dead shortly after 3:00 a.m. his body now taken to the medical examiners office we're
7:31 am
told he is a 26 year old man from the northeast section, northeast part of philadelphia and has a criminal record. now the officer who fired is now with internal affairs right now. and the other officer, who was with him, however, who did not fire, he had to be taken to the hospital just for evaluation. we're toll he was not physically injured. but he was shaken up. now again, the circumstances surrounding the shooting, they're still unclear, and still under investigation. take a listen. >> we do have a gun, that was actually found in the suspect's car. it is a butt, totally visible, butt after gun that's actually in the console, between passenger seat, actually, casino of like stuck down the middle between the console and the passenger seat. >> reporter: and back out here live, on frankford avenue, near unruh avenue, you can see the tow truck has finally arrived. that's what we have been waiting on all among long, have to get the suspect weak vehicle out of here. at this point what we know about the vehicle is that it
7:32 am
has a florida license plates. it seems to be police say a rental car, however, it is to has not been -- has not been reported stolen at all. there are a loft businesses in the area, you can see, there are apartment in the area, there is a bank across the street. police are going to be looking for surveillance video to try to piece this altogether. they're also wait to go talk to officers, as i mention, the one officers who fired his weapon, was taken to internal affairs for his investigation, and other officers still in the hospital, just for evaluation after being shaken up because of this officer involved shooting, and again, the victim, 26 year old man, from northeast philadelphia, his body taken to the medical examiners office as part of the autopsy. still evolving story. as soon as we get you more information we'll bring it straight to you. live in mayfair, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> all right, breaking right now, i want to give you live look at lansdale montgomery county, as police investigate a shooting there. we're told one person was shot in the in a home on the 100 block of fifth street, the
7:33 am
swat team is also arrived at the scene we're told. we have a crew heading to that area, we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. also, following more breaking news in australia, where a gunman continues to hold hostages at a cafe in cydney, but at least five people managed to escape during the stands off overnight. it is not clear how many hostages still remain, but the gunman is speaking with police, we understand, don champion joins us from new york with more information on this, don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee, very fluid situation in the heart every cyndny at this hour, given the growing indication that is terrorism is involved, police departments here in america, including the nypd, are monitoring the situation closely. >> guns drawn, armed suspect held hostages inside, hours into the incident, several hostages emerged from the building safely, authorities
7:34 am
are now working to ensure others get out alive, too. >> only goal tonight and for as long as this takes is to get those people that are currently caught in that building out of there. >> witnesses say the whole thing started when the gunman walked into the cafe and showed his weapon. >> a woman just shouted out: he has a gun. everyone started running like crazy. >> reporter: as the siege unfolded the heart of cydney's district went into lockdown. some of the hostages were seen holding up black frag with white arabic writing on it touching off fears of terrorism. >> australia has been backing the us in its efforts against the group in iraq and syria. prime minister tony abbott is urging citizens to remain calm, and not to jump to conclusions as authorities work to determine a true
7:35 am
motive. >> now, on top of holding the hostages, media outlets in sydney report that the gunman also claims he has two bombs inside the cafe and two other planted elsewhere in the city. cbs news also confirmed the gunman is known to authorities and has been arrested for extremist activity before. ukee, back to you. >> we'll continue to watch. that will don, thanks so much for up that date. our time now 7:35. let's get your traffic and weather together. >> good morning, well, we are thankfully to pretty quiet tart for the week ahead. new storm system we have to start tracking by tomorrow will generally just be brinking in rain showers. but for now still stunning in shroud of cloud cover. dow think though you will start to see skies brighten up as time goes on, storm scan3 thankfully very quiet for now. feels more like it is in generally the upper 30s, but a loft are you seeing temperatures currently reading into the low 40's right now. so the blanket of cloud cover at least meant that we were do you have bit of milder start. as we move forward in the forecast, we stay somewhat level with our temperatures. expecting skies again to brighten up with time.
7:36 am
and as we hit high of 46 degrees, later on this afternoon, pretty seasonable for the standards, we again expect to seymour sunshine as time goes on. jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie. looking forward to the sunshine little after 7:30. we will check out things, the situation here on route one, where you can see stopped traffic as we speak, right now. headed southbound, toward the pa turnpike, you can see police activity on the scene. they're pulling a car, out of the grassy area over here. so all traffic completely stopped headed southbound, you'll expect small residual delays due to that. over on 422, at trooper road, trooper road back up little bit here. wraps to the eastbound lanes of 422 headed toward the king of prussia area. that's pretty typical this time of morning as well. on stand by the burlington bristol bridge for an opening. so any minute now it, should be opening, your alternate for the time took avoid those residual delays take the talcony palmyra bridge. accident in montgomery county at big road at new hanover square road. that's pushed over to the right-hand side. just be aware of that in the area.
7:37 am
422 eastbound we just look at that just second ago, but will take you 12 minutes from oaks into 202. no problems currently on the blue route if you are headed south. erika, ukee, back over to you. >> thank you, jess, happening today ted line to get new insurance plan under the affordable care act. by the end of the day anyone who has not manually renewed their plans will be automatically re-enrolled in their current option which could result in higher out-of-pocket costs for the holder. so far 400,000 people have actively renewed their plans using the federally run system, that covers 37 states. well, time for check on business news, money watch's jill wagner joins us now this morning, from the new york stock exchange. >> jill, hearing the market hopefully can rebounds from biggest lost in what more than two years? what's happening on wall street? >> yes. what a difference a week makes. the dow fell more than 600 points last week, ouch, and all about oil. energy companies, like exxon, mobile, chevron, really taking big hit. because the price of crude oil
7:38 am
keeps falling. it is now five year lows. all because of lower global demand, and there is plenty of supply, personally from right here in the u.s. now, it just might be bad for energy companies, but it is great news for drivers. because gas prices, well, they are now averaging 2.55 nationwide. and triple a says they could fall to about 2.50 by christmas. we'll take t ukee, err dismay. >> no doubt about. that will why we are talking about christmas, new list about what people do not want this year. what's up? >> yes. if you haven't bought your holiday gift yet, maybe skip the liquor store. consumer reports finds that hard liquor tops the list of gifts, americans lease want to receive this holiday season, so whiskey, rum, vodka, all on the do not want list. do you plan on buying alcohol, go for wine. it fared much better. people also say they don't want flowers. ukee, erika, number one gift people do want, cash. >> there you go.
7:39 am
>> not kind of romantic. >> i can understand t must be a guy thing, but i can understand that. >> i'll take flowers. >> what's wrong with flowers? >> cash is king. >> i'm all about wine. >> oh, ya, wine, flowers, also delightful. >> boones farm? >> okay, hey, each to their own. thanks, jill. before you walk out the door, we'll check traffic and weather together. >> also, the eagles give the game away to the cowboys, making one mistake after another. want to take a look at the help the birds need if they're going to make it to the post-season. jolly is in the house, paul jolovitz from 94wip. jolovitz from 94wip. we'l and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine, loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood
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7:42 am
only one state screening in the lot was spared on the tire slashing spree. >> our time now 7:43, let's check the forecast on your monday morning around the region. here's katie looking at weather watcher. >> yes indeed. ukee, we check in with them. temperatures generally right around 40 degrees here, through the course of the morning, and we're seeing not too much variation on that. from some of the most recent just observations that came in from the viewers, we take you down to the shore here, where 41 degrees was many temperature reported over the last hour from tim mitchell. finding sliver of sunshine, but more clouds than anything, although it does appear as that is going to break apart. the cloud cover that is as the morning and afternoon progress here. we take you little further inland, let's go next to -- go ahead into kent county, jason sent in over the last hour, 43 degrees, and the clouds, in middletown, delaware, fairly mild, overnight temperatures, and again that's a product of the cloud cover. so not all bad. i know it has not been the bright that's we would like to see, as of late. but at least, that's going to keep us from cooling down all that much.
7:43 am
the cloud cover through the overnight, but then there are over the will 30 minutes, collegeville, yes, cloudy morning in trappe, but chance of the lot shopping for family gift, good chance, see the sun brighten up, skies here for you today. so whatever your outdoor plans, they are a go. we start with clouds, eventually see the sunshine. we go ahead, take you out there though to what's been going on over the last two days. where we promise you some sunshine, i know, promise you sunshine over the weekends, we barely saw any of it. here's what ended up happening, guys, inch version set up. essentially acts as cap on the atmosphere, where you have the colds he is air, at the surface, and it is nice and warm above it. that sets up almost like putting a lid on the atmosphere, so it keeps any cloud cover in place. tan looks very stubborn as a result. now typically, would you have sunshine to help mix that cloud cover out. but because the sun angle has been solo it, as it always tends to be this time of year it, couldn't do as much of an
7:44 am
efficient job at. that will you can also see the northwesterly flow, that added to our cloud cover with the satellite picture that we had over the last two days here. meanwhile, here is a look at the actual satellite picture. and the radar as well here for the last few hours, currently we are still on the influence of high pressure here, so again we think we will finally get some sun. here is the storm system, that's on tap next to bring us in our next rounds every wet weather. which will arrive mainly through the second half of tomorrow. strictly as rain showers. so, it is a much more well defined storm system right now. but it is basically going to zip off to the north. and not really have much more than rain showers to provide us. so even by tomorrow afternoon, just starting to see the first signs of life on radar t does look like that will be the story right through the better part of the night. it starts to clear out pretty quickly by wednesday. allowing us to ends up with some sunlight. we take a look at the eyewitness weather three day forecast, little modest increase on the thermometer, looks like we top off, climax the temperatures by wednesday, high up to 50 degrees, with some sunshine. jess we send it over to you. >> thank you, good morning,
7:45 am
everybody, 7:44. and we go out to the scene of an earlier accident, that has since cleared. route one, approaching the pa turnpike, southbound lanes, there, see little bit of brake lights possibly some small residual delays, nothing setting anybody back too much. moving good northbound lanes moving along great as well. now over on 95, this is pretty much what we see typically at this time of morning. around cottman avenue. the southbound lanes headed toward the center city area. moving along very slowly, pretty much stop and go therefore quite some time. the nor bound lanes moving along okay. now, the burlington bristol bridge still on stand by for opening. possibly little late for right now, alternate to get around there, avoid the residual delays is to take the talcony palmyra bridge. we do have few accidents to talk about, as well. accident out in montgomery county, gulph road, warner road, another accident in new jersey, buck road closed at route 40. take dutch row road to get around that area for the time being. >> but don't forget, when i'm not around, you can still get
7:46 am
updated traffic information about traffic backups with new your drive app. you can download the app for iphone and android devices by going to drive. ukee? >> jess, thanks so much. a lot of things can still happen. eagles on out outside of the playoff pick too long looking in after losing first place showdown against the cowboys yesterday. here is the man, paul jolovitz, from 94wip. let's break this things down. let's start with turnovers. you can't have them. can you not have them. >> showed football game. >> right. >> yes, and mark sanchez, you know, we talk about the eagles, mark sanchez, but the opening kick off, you can't let this happen. >> were you there. >> there was wind on that play. it was strange. very not windy at the game. >> because before the game the announcer said 3 miles an hour. >> but gusted for the opening kick off. then you can't make that mistake. then we see here late in the game, overthrows to ertz.
7:47 am
we can go time, position, plate, tempo, how the defense is tired. thirds down red zone. you turn the ball over four times, you're in trouble. brent celek fighting, rolls over the cowboy, and this play was challenged. and upheld as the hit was there, and he does fumble the ball as you see. this is kind of the eagles last gasp. >> the offense did get it together in the second half. they came back and even took the lead, right? >> twenty-one-nothing down the linc was rocking 24 consecutive points, and you think this is the biggest come back. eagles biggest come back over at home was 20 points. it started here chris polk, 21-seven, and here in the second half, mark sanchez, to maclin, they go for it, don't get it. 72-yard play, going to set up poke. ukee that place was rocking. >> oh, yes. >> cowboys for first place in the east. and can you imagine knocking them down with 21-nothing lead, knocking them snout.
7:48 am
>> supposed to take that feeling and carry it all the way to the ends. step on it when you have them down. >> offense, defense, special teams, ultimately, and, you know, yes, coming back 21-nothing, you hear darren sproles, 24-two; the positive feeling you see by the exuberance, by darren sproles, but then dallas comes back on one huge 78-yard march. did he fence couldn't get it done. couldn't come up with a stop. run defense was great. bradley fletch her a real real tough night. >> and dez bryant said two weeks ago, he can't wait to get back to this area and play the game again. he and roam hoe a good tame. >> three touchdowns to bryant, caught that pass, and then these two are going to look like re plays each other. one, just straight go to bryant. beats fletcher. >> that hurt. >> a lot. >> needed some help. >> and nate, little late on the help here, this is not the same play folks.
7:49 am
this is one that put out cowboys up by 11. and it is not if not sealed the deal put the eagles in deep trouble. shift add love of time, ultimately the cowboys had more of it. chris christie is lucky tomorrow is not election day. he would not carry new jersey, i'll tell that you. >> let's talk about momentum going into the final two games. redskins, this saturday, on our sister station cbs-3. we need some help to get into the playoffs. but we have to win these next two games. >> here is mccoy hurting his neck, rgiii comes in redskins lost to the giants. redskins, eagles also have to go down, they have to beat both, beat the redskins, but don't beat them up too bad so the redskins can play the cowboys. best help for the eagles to get a cowboy lost to the colts, win a division. >> this can he win the wild-card. there is three way ties. professional coming in at 8: 15. >> if this happenings there is hams. >> win the last two and then otherwise they could become one of the first 11 and five teams ever to win miss a
7:50 am
playoff. win two, coals fans. >> i'm big coals fans. >> any luck. >> appreciate it, thank you. >> thanks, guys. still ahead this morning, another baby for reality tv first family. and angelina jolie will not be on the red carpet tonight for the premiere of her new movie, recovering from chicken pox. hear what she says about her health problems and who will stand in for the oscar winner. and hey, if you are going to head out and do little holiday shopping today, we want to remind you you can help make the holidays bright for under-privileged children. our "joy of sharing" campaign is now underway. just buy a new, unwrapped toy, and bring it to one of our drop off locations. for a list of locations, go to or call 215-977-joyce joys. if maybe particulars is your thing, text it $10 donation by text the word joy to 41444. we'll be right back.
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7:52 am
7:53 am
>> ac lena has the chicken pox. >> gave the news in a special message to her fans. >> i just wanted to be clear and honest about why i will be missing the unbroken events in the next few days which is that i found out last night that i have chicken pox. so i will be home, itching and missing everyone, and i can't believe it, because this film means so much to me. >> and it is getting great buzz, produced and directed the filmment unclear whether she contracted the highly contagious disease from one of her six children.
7:54 am
>> reality f family you might say keeps on growing. courtney cards ash yan gave birth to baby boy yesterday. the little one will share a birthday with his big brother, mason, who turns five yesterday, too. the new baby also joins big sister pen epp pea, who is two. the thirds child for the kardashian and long time partner scott. >> exodus gods and kings rule the box office this weekend. the biblical epic brought in $24 million to take on the top spot. hunger games mocking jay part one still doing well is second with estimated $13 million. pen wins and mat gas car claims third spot with more than 7 million. chris rock's new film top five debuted in fourth. big hero six rounds out the top five. >> all right, time to check in with phil our cbs-3 morning elf. he's branching out of our news room annex morgue around the building. >> we caught him just hanging around with our partners at news radio 1060. looks like he's enjoying his fields trip. he dose that about two, three,
7:55 am
four times a day. >> and this is your turn now. we want to see what your elf is up to. post your elfie selfie, use the hashtag cbs-3 and hashtag elfie selfie, may show it right here on tv. >> a lot of great picks. i've begin through the site, a lot of great picks. >> at low of good ones. i enjoyed it when he took his own elfie selfie. good one from last week. >> that was pretty cool. keep sending yours in, as well. we'll take a short break, you're watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". be right back.
7:56 am
>> goods morning, everybody, hammy monday to you, quiet start to the week for us, overall, and still some cloud cover out here, as is evident, when you look at storm scan3. but, eventually, these clouds should thin out. we've actually gun to see some that far take place, a little hint of blue skies, a lofter field cameras right now so we are eventually going to see that sun finally at long last evening out season day, 36 tonight, by tomorrow, there will be some rain showers, strictly rain showers to dodge mainly for the the two half of the day, miler than average for tomorrow and wednesday, jess? >> thanks, katie and the burlington bristol bridge
7:57 am
scheduled for opening little earlier about 725, so little behind schedule, currently open now, your alternate to get around there, to avoid most of the residual delays, talcony palmyra bridge, meantime now out in new jersey, buck road closed at route 40, alternate to take dutch row road to get around the accident scene. currently eastbound 422, shrill slow, schuylkill, having the typical delays if the eastbound lanes, as well. erika, back over to you. >> thank you, next up did a date 8:25. next on cbs this morning, energetic being talented, in just four years old designing clothes to run of the nation's top retailers. meet the girl known as mayhem only on cbs this morning. only on cbs this morning. we'll see you on the "cw ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people.
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make it progresso or make it yourself some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant!
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>> following breaking news, philadelphia police shoot man in the mayfair overnight. he's dead and offs ers also in the hospital. we're live on the scene with new information about the man killed by an officer. and, another pence
8:00 am
situation unfolding all night long in australians gunman holding people hostage, in a cafe right now. >> fans aren't just talking about the heart breaking lost. finds out how governor christie there in red angered a lot of eagles fans during the game. you can see why as he's sitting next to the evil empire. >> first though, got to get to this first, breaking news if philadelphia's mayfair section, police involved shooting, is under investigation this morning, armed suspect shot and killed, after getting pulled over for a traffic violation. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo on the scene in frankford avenue with more details. jan? >> ukee, erika, philadelphia police have now towed away the suspect's vehicle, in this deadly shooting, we've been waiting for that all among long, but just about 15 minutes ago, the final pieces of evidence were toaw


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